Hello, I am Laetitia.  I am originally from the South of France.  I was raised on my mum’s freshly cooked meals of local produce.  Meat had an important place on my plate back then but I was never very keen.  Rare steaks were my nightmare!  And let me tell you, rare in France means RARE!

When I moved out from home, I became a vegetarian which was not a very common thing in France at the time!  And that’s when I developed a keen interest in cooking and later on baking.  Today, my diet is mainly plant based, but I will occasionally have dairy and fish in small quantities mainly when I eat out.  I try and incorporate a good amount of raw food in the form of smoothies and salads. I have now been eating this way for the past year and I can definitively say that I have never felt better.  The change was immediate: I instantly felt healthier, I shed some weight without restricting myself, my energy levels were up and I was enjoying yummy food and learning new ways to cook.

I now live in the UK.  I originally came over for a few months stay but a husband and two children later, I am still here and loving the english cuisine!

I have created this blog as a collection of mainly plant based, easy and tasty recipes  and to share my adventure in vegan baking, which I love.  I hope you’ll enjoy some of my new found dishes!



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